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Do you know how the Real Estate industry works ?

Typically, a real estate agent provides a long list of properties to the client. Afterward come the explanations, negotiations, and finally the real-life visits to houses and apartments. This workflow has remained the same for decades, but is in fact inconvenient and time-consuming not only for realtors but for homebuyers as well.

However, there’s a game changer and it’s already transforming the way the real estate industry functions – virtual reality (VR). The power of VR technology can help real estate agents grow their business, get more clients, and deliver top-level services. It’s particularly important to adopt this new technology today as Houzis has made it easy and hassle-free to adopt.

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What makes it unique ?

Provides all 360° Virtual Tours Tools for the Real Estate Developers and Agents

Houzis.com is simply a Real Estate Listings website that shows all sorts of properties especially new project launches in 360° Views. This means we are giving Real Estate Developers & Agencies the ability to list all their properties online using Virtual Reality tools on-ground and online.

You can now contact Houzis and get your VR Technology tools shipped to your doorstep as well as your Listings account within 2-5 Business days.

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