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PayHola has made receiving money on your website easy and hassle-free.

With PayHola, you can now transfer money to anywhere in the world within seconds, all you need to do is to get started.. It is what we call Peer-to-Peer transactions.

Technically speaking, every transaction is a peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer.  Whether you’re using cash, credit cards or bank transfer payments, there is a buyer/sender on one side and a seller/receiver on the other.

Though in recent years, the definition of P2P transfers has evolved to describe a new way of exchanging money, goods and services — one that doesn’t rely on traditional intermediaries like banks or credit card companies.

In many ways, these newer P2P options closely resemble cash or bartering, except that all transfers can happen over vast distances without the two “peers” ever meeting.

However, in countless other ways, P2P transfers are nothing like cash or bartering:

  • Cash suffers from inflation and supply limitations since most currencies are controlled directly or indirectly by a centralized bank.
  • When bartering, you’re limited to stock items that are often difficult to divide. However, with P2P transfers, you’re not dealing with chickens or seashells. Most P2P options mimic liquid currencies that come in a range of easily divisible denominations.
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What makes it unique ?

Hassle-free Online Transactional Marketplace that allows you to start receiving payments online Instantly.

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