About us

Who We Are

Parteneer Holding has developed over a long period of time different technologies aiming to help grow various industries on digital plans. The Group’s outlook has always been international, and its interests and operations extend widely across different industries, with a focus on Information Technology, Real Estate, Cyber Security, Construction on digital plans and other sectors.


The success achieved by Parteneer Holding, was only possible with serious hard work & commitment, escorting each modern development that participates in our progress & the growth of our products…

This appreared visibly through the exellence of our service, which we offered to all our customers. Committed to the long-term partnership, we follow continuously the routes of creation, invention & maintaining our credibility with you.

The most recent stages of our expansion  in region.

  • Stage 1 – RadarAqar.com becomes Houzis.com
  • Stage 2 – Foundation of Al Safran Design
  • Stage 3 – Parteneer Holding launches its CEOs Network Program
  • Stage 4 – Parteneer Holding aquires PayHola.com from the USA
  • Stage 5 – Parteneer Holding in the process of founding Cyberacle
  • Stage 6 – Expansion in the region


Our mission is to identify and develop technologies that will generate significant returns for our clients and partners. We make strategic investments using our knowledge of the region and we take measured risks where appropriate.


We aspire to develop high end technologies to support various major markets  in the Middle East. Ultimately, we always look forward to expand in the Middle Eastern region which we made possible thanks to strong connections with our Partners.