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Al Safran Design launches The Investor Relations App for Tadawul Companies

Launch of The Investor Relations App for Tadawul Companies

Follow the earnings presentation in real time, check share price and performance, financial documentation, multimedia content, dividends, event agenda and more with a single click.

What are Investor Relations apps ?

Investor Relations Apps – Make Your IR Content Mobile

IR apps represent a turn-key investor relations apps that allow publicly traded companies to optimize their IR content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. In only a few weeks, any company can have its own IR app and provide investors throughout the world with investor relations information including stock related data and company communications such as presentations, videos, audiocast conference calls, fact sheets and marketing collateral.

Publicly Traded companies – Tadawul


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The reality is that IR professionals aren’t the only ones demanding open
communication. Shareholders themselves are playing increasingly active roles in
corporate governance, and they can now collectively shape a company’s public
image. In days past, corporate boards tended to limit open shareholder
interaction to the AGM, where the largest, most influential investors had the
loudest voice and greatest influence. Today, it’s become a baseline expectation
that all stakeholders, including small retail investors, are given the opportunity
to proactively communicate with company leadership, as well as retain seamless
access to financial information.

Watch the following explainer video to get a better image of what is an Investor Relations App.

By using a mobile app, Tadawul companies / Publicly Traded companies gain the rapt attention of
their investors, when a market oversaturated with information entices them to
look elsewhere. Given that investors want a strong link to corporate leadership,
this is a win-win for everyone involved. However, many corporations have yet to
capitalize on these obvious benefits, largely because mobile IR apps have yet to
enter the industry’s mainstream.

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